What Kind of Rabbit Is Most Commonly Found at a Pet Store?

What Kind of Rabbit Is Most Commonly Found at a Pet Store?


Rabbits make quite the great pets. They're vivacious, cuddly, and quiet for an animal that's known for their energy. With that said, it is tough asking pet stores what breeds they're selling, because many of their owners don't know all that much about the rabbits themselves. If you want a rabbit, they'll just give you one. They're not like dogs where every last breed is classified.


Breeds of Rabbit and Where to Buy Them


You should consult with an expert, like someone with a Department of Agriculture license, in order to classify and give you the different rabbit breeds available out there. There are quite a lot of stores that don't care about the rules in taking care of a rabbit, even if they're simple rules like informing that a bunny lives for about a decade or more. It's important to know as much as possible about breeds, because some rabbits become bigger than other rabbits despite having virtually the same look as babies at first glance. Therefore, knowing breeds isn't simply for the sake of picking a bunny of a certain color.


It's best to buy rabbits from breeders instead of pet stores because the latter have more respect and take more care in dealing with these silent pets. They're living beings that should be taken care as carefully as possible. These breeder folk know all there is to know about their bunnies, from their medical history to their health. There are, for example, the lop breeds, and the mini-lop happens to be the second most common breed sold by breeders or pet stores. They can grow to about six pounds.


More Information about Bunny Breeds and Choosing a Rabbit


For their weight, rabbits can be quite large. They can grow to about the size of a small cat. As for the most common breeds sold in stores and by breeders, they're the straight-ear, "Bugs Bunny" variety of rabbits. They're an American breed and they're mostly used as meat rabbits that are culled and sold to pet shops. Unlike the lop-eared bunnies, these bunnies can grow all the way upwards from 10 to 12 pounds, which is heavier than the heaviest Shih Tzu. At any rate, those are just the general breeds. The more specific types of rabbits will not only vary in size and ear type, but also in fur, color, and body type.


Some hares have lean bodies, while others are more rounded and soft like those stuffed toys. A rabbit can even go as low as two pounds to upwards of 20 pounds in weight, although the established average is nine pounds. The best rabbit breeds, like the best dog breeds, have striking appearances, so they're commonly displayed in pet stores so that they could reel in buyers through their good looks. Also, like canines, the lupus species also have mixed breeds available that have offbeat charm of their own. Just as a mutt with no distinct parentage can appeal to people, so too can mixed breeds with characteristics deemed by breeders as faults.