Getting Some Help with Pilot’s License Training

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For a young person who is looking ahead to a career that is full of growth potential, fun, good pay and that offers adventure, becoming a pilot can’t be beat. And it’s a terrific career field to explore because whether is piloting small charter aircraft to flying the big jumbo jets, the world needs good pilots and it’s a career field that is sure to have plenty of jobs available in the future.

But one reason that a job as a pilot pays well and has such a strong potential for long term employment is that it not only takes a certain aptitude and physical ability to be able to pilot an airplane, it takes some very specific training that is not easy and not cheap. And while you may be entirely capable of taking on the physical and mental challenges of flight training, sometimes the cost of getting the schooling to get your pilot’s license can be a challenge.

Like anything else, there are ways for a young person or any qualified flight school candidate to get some help with the costs of flight school. A good place to start finding scholarships or grants to get your pilot’s license are the local aviation societies in your town. Networking with working airline crews and people already in the industry can give you the inside information on what local clubs and groups might be looking for flight training candidates to sponsor.

One source of funding that you might not have thought about is your local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Aviation is one of the merit badges that many scouts get that begins their love affair with flying. And alumni of the scouting program who themselves went on to success as pilots often want to sponsor solid young people like you find in the BSA program to realize their dreams of flying an airplane too. You can inquire about such program by contacting your local BSA office and asking about the Aviation Explorer Scout program. They can put you in touch with the adult leader who is running that program for older scouts and he will know more about available scholarship money.

Of course, a place for funding of flight training would naturally come from the airlines themselves. They have a vested interest in seeing up and coming pilots get good training. So one clever way to begin rubbing elbows with the right people is to get a job at the local airport or with an airline in some support function. Even if you are just sweeping up around the hangers, you can get to know employees and express your interest in working your way up the latter until you are a full fledged captain of an aircraft. The airline may have employee development programs then that you can take advantage of.

Many of our current pilots gained their flight training in the military. For obvious reasons, the United States Air Force trains a lot of pilots. And while you will primarily learn to fly military aircraft while you serve your country in the military, it’s a skill that easily translates to civilian flying and it’s a great resume entry when you get out at the end of your tour and are ready to make that natural transition to piloting civilian aircraft.

So don’t let funding stop you from realizing your dream to become an airline pilot. There are agencies that want to help you make that dream a reality that are out there. You just have to be industrious and get out there and find them.